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Jewelry in Cape May

I love buying gifts for family and friends in Cape May, because it feels like there’s an extra special connection. Buying jewelry in Cape May can be the perfect present! I covered Shopping in Cape May in a past post, but jewelry deserves a post of its own in my humble opinion. Like so many other topics I have covered, there are so many options it would be daunting to try to cover them all. I will stick to some of the shops that have a big jewelry focus and try to hit all the budget points.

High End

There are several in this category and many carry items that are definitely splurge purchases.

Queen May on Washington Mall on the corner of Jackson Street is one that I think of first. They’ve got all sorts of jewelry for both women and men from watches, to bracelets, to cufflinks, to earrings and more. However, the rings (especially engagement rings) are what just blow me away (and be sure to hit the second floor). They really have an impressive variety with a wide range of prices from vintage styles to classics. Their upper end rings are quite spectacular! It is a super fun store to poke around in (they also sell great preowned accessories too) and I have found the staff to be so lovely. You don’t have to be in Cape May to check out what they’ve to offer. You’ll find quite a bit available online and they make it quite easy to poke around. There is a reason why people rave about this store.

Henry’s Landmark Jewelers is just a few stores down from Queen May and definitely worth checking out. I have included this shop in the high end category because they have a vast offering of stunning diamond jewelry. One of the things that makes Henry’s unique amongst Cape May Jewelers is the selection of Cape May Pandora charms with flip flops, a starfish and even the quintessential lifeguard chair and row boat. There are also other really fun Cape May jewelry that would make a lovely memento of a fabulous vacation or visit. Quite of bit is available for purchase directly on their website. No wonder Henry’s has been in business for over 40 years.

Mary Ann’s is also on the same side of Washington Mall and offers lovely upscale estate as well as modern fine jewelry. Much of their inventory is literally one of a kind and run the gamut from tastefully simple to artfully intricate. The cases are quite honestly filled with incredible pieces. They do not offer sales online but do welcome a phone call to ask about something specific you might be searching for.

O’Neill’s Estate Jewelry is on Lafayette Street just down from Elaine’s. This lovely store is a bit off the beaten path, but worth the short walk. The selection is primarily intricate, vintage and quite lovely! There is also an extensive online store on their website. If you want to learn even more about the owners and this special jewelry shop, you can watch their FerryVision video.

whale's tale

More moderately prices (and quite gorgeous)

Whale’s Tale in Washington Mall is the store where my daughter would get a pair of earrings each year. They were generally really beachy and reminded her so much of Cape May throughout the year. There are so many pretty pieces here, many of which are sea-inspired. From sea glass to starfish—you will find it here. I personally have spent quite a bit of time pouring over the jewelry cases in the center of the store over the years! Their online store has quite a bit at a wide variety of prices.

Splash located on Carpenter Lane is a sister store to the Whale’s Tale. They share the same online store, but the jewelry in Splash is a bit more upscale for the most part. The year I started my blog, my husband bought me the most darling seahorse earrings. I wore them in my photo shoot and continue to wear them often. They also carry pieces from Cape May local jewelry artist, Janet Jayne. I love popping into Splash and looking to see what’s new! Their Facebook page also has pics of some of their more complex pieces including designs from Michou.

Trinkets also on Carpenter Lane views jewelry as art. Many of their pieces are bold and contemporary and all are finely crafted. They also do customer jewelry design to your personal specifications. So, if you are looking for something truly original, this is the place in Cape May. You can also stop here for any jewelry repair needs–they are highly regarded. As an added bonus, they usually have a coupon card in the Exit Zero discount deck!

As I said above, there are many other shops that carry jewelry in Cape May. If I missed any that are a must, by all means–let me know. I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention my friend Patti at Bayshore Design Studio. She creates beautiful sea inspired jewelry in the Cape May area.

Jewelry as a gift is always special to me because it always reminds me of the thought and person behind the gift. It also something that I can pass down to family later on and extend the joy even further! I hope this post has proved to be informative and useful to you. Following is a super handy interactive map to give you even more info on these wonderful shops.

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