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    Date Night in Cape May

    A friend recently asked me for recommendations for date night in Cape May. It was a bit on an aha moment—why have I not written a post on this before??? Of course, there are so many different versions of a date night that it is hard to even know where to start.  I landed on giving options at different levels so people could mix and match. Dinner There is a wide array of options in Cape May from very high end to super casual. The option of full bar and BYOB is also plentiful. One pro tip here—always double check to see if the place you are going is CASH…

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    BYOBs in Cape May Part II

    Earlier this year I wrote a post about BYOBs in Cape May—BYOBs in Cape May Part I. Frankly, there are just too many great ones in Cape May to list in a single post. I struggled with how to divide them, and it was not an easy task. This list includes some of the smaller and in some instances less pricey of the bunch.   Kara Restaurant Group The first three below are all from the Kara Restaurant group but have their own flavor and flair. Brine is the only one of them where credit cards are accepted.—so plan accordingly.  Reservations can be made on OpenTable for all. George’s on…

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    This post is the second part of a prior post, Bed & Breakfasts in Cape May – Part I. I am focusing on some of the smaller Bed & Breakfasts, but no less lovely. Like with the other post, I will be covering them in order of size. In totality, there are approximately 22 B&Bs in Cape May. The eleven that I will be discussing here have between nine and four rooms, and are all located in Cape May. I personally love staying in a Bed & Breakfasts for their personal, romantic, and intimate feel. The smaller ones are just that and more. Rhythm of the Sea on Beach Avenue…

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    On the water in Cape May

    On the water in Cape May—for the purposes of this post I’m talking about boats of various sizes and types. There is a plethora of boating experiences you can have just off the island and each one has its own vibe and personality. Some of them are wonderful kid friendly activities and others are strictly for the adult crowd. Whether you like speed and exhilaration or slow and relaxing, there is something for everyone. I personally love being on the water (which is ironic because I am actually deathly afraid of deep water) and find the gentle rocking from the waves rather Zen. Boating in Cape May was touched on…

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    BYOBs in Cape May Part I

    We love to go out to dinner in Cape May. It truly has some of our absolute favorite restaurants. I have mentioned restaurants in so many of my prior posts like A Girl’s Trip in Cape May and Planning a Cape May Vacation. When deciding where to dine, BYOBs in Cape May are a great option and there are so many of them. This post will cover some of the higher end BYOBs with a follow-up post covering the rest. I resisted using the term “fine dining”, because I think that really is a very personal thing. What is fine dining for one person, it just an average restaurant to…

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    Bed & Breakfasts in Cape May – Part I

    Bed and Breakfasts in Cape May are one of the things that make it such a unique shore destination. Sadly, a few of them have closed in the past few years, but there are still many that are fabulous options for your stay. This was such a fun post to write! There is so much rich history in the B&Bs of Cape May and they each have their own special story and vibe. I decided to focus on larger Bed & Breakfasts this time and cover some smaller one in another post. ‘Large’ is defined having at least 10 rooms and in one case there are as many as 31.…

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    Cape May Nature Center

    Our family just loves the Cape May Nature Center. I don’t even know how many times we took the kids there when they were little. Gerard and I still go today. Last fall we participated in a monarch butterfly tagging session. It was extremely educational—even more than we thought it would be. Tucked away on the harbor by the Coast Guard base on Delaware Avenue, it is a wonderful location for all sorts of fun activities. The Nature Center has so much to offer it is challenging to know where to start.  It was founded in 1992 and then adopted by the New Jersey Audubon Society in 1995. It is…

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    Jewelry in Cape May

    I love buying gifts for family and friends in Cape May, because it feels like there’s an extra special connection. Buying jewelry in Cape May can be the perfect present! I covered Shopping in Cape May in a past post, but jewelry deserves a post of its own in my humble opinion. Like so many other topics I have covered, there are so many options it would be daunting to try to cover them all. I will stick to some of the shops that have a big jewelry focus and try to hit all the budget points. High End There are several in this category and many carry items that…

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    Planning a Cape May Bachelorette Party

    Cape May is an awesome destination for a bachelorette party! Seriously, on any given weekend you are likely to spot at least one if not 5 or more out and about. You can always tell them by their matching shirts, or hats and of course the bride sash or veil is always a giveaway. Planning a bachelorette party in Cape May can be a ton of fun, but also a bit overwhelming. You can go so many different directions and how do you please everyone? I am going to cover a few suggestions of venues and activities, as well as where you can go to get a little extra help.…

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    9 Great Cape May Coffee Shops

    Finding great coffee in Cape May is (thankfully) so easy! Our family loves a great cup of java and although we can make it at home, there is just something about coffee shop coffee—am I right? Frankly, the hardest thing will be to choose which one(s) to visit. Just like in my earlier post 4 Awesome Cape May Bakeries, they each have their own personality. Let me give you a run down, so you can plan accordingly… Washington Mall Area Coffee Shops Magic Brain located at 31 Perry Street at the entrance of Carpenter Square Mall has been a coffee lovers favorite of visitors and locals alike for years. Talk…