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Great Reads In Cape May

One of the things that I really love about writing my Cape May Days blog is meeting so many wonderful people.  It has been truly a gift. So, I am writing Great Reads in Cape May from my heart. It is a follow up to my prior post Cape May Beach Reads. There really are so many wonderful authors that I am thrilled to showcase them. The books also make great gifts for anyone who love Cape May the way that we do!

As I covered the many historical books in my last post, I have decided to devote this one to fiction by author. Cape May is such a fabulous location for many kinds of books. Don’t you agree?

Suzanne Simonetti

(I had the great pleasure of meeting Suzanne and her lovely husband Joe during Oktoberfest. Her author’s stall was set up right on Jackson Street and was consistently crowded with eager readers.)

Suzanne is an award willing writer including USA Today best selling author. She has written two books set in Cape May. The first is The Sound of Wings Buy now on Amazon. This highly acclaimed novel is an intricately woven story of three woman of varying ages and backgrounds whose lives are intertwined. As the name might suggest, butterflies have a special role in the story and I for one love our Cape May monarchs.

Her most recent book, A Cape May Christmas Story Buy now on Amazon was just released in September and Is already creating a buzz. It goes without saying that it is set in Cape May.  The story takes place in current day and captures all the festive warmth of the town during the holidays. It tells the tale of Rita Abernathy and her determination to bring her two very different sons back together again. As an added bonus, Suzanne includes several yummy recipes and a Cape May Hot Spot list!

Kimberly Brighton

New to the Cape May author scene, Kimberly’s first novel The Way to Cape May: A Rom Com Beach Read About Finding Live on the Jersey Shore Buy now on Amazon. This fun, easy read was released in June and focuses on Delaney and her childhood sweetheart Dalton’s Cape May wedding and all the drama that ensues.

The second in this Cape May series is due to be released in December, A Cape May Kind of Love Buy now on Amazon. This novel features Marley  (a character from her first book) and Sam and all of their trials and tribulations and the twist and turns of romance.

Miles Nelson

I covered Mile’s earlier Cape May book in my prior post, Murder at Exit Zero Buy now on Amazon. He has two other offering set in Cape May. Murder is Shore Thing: A Cape May Mystery Buy now on Amazon continues the story of Chief Tate Saxby and his crime solving expertise.  Death Rents a Beach House: A Cape May Mystery Buy Now on Amazon is another in the series and is sure to keep you guessing. All three are generously sprinkled with so much Cape May and you just might feel like you are there.  They are clearly a different vibe from the books that I mentioned above, and I am so very glad the real Cape May is much more sedate.

Laura Quinn

The author of Thicker Than Water Buy now on Amazon (covered in my last post) is working on her next novel. I am so looking forward to it!

All of these authors have such varied backgrounds—from growing up in Cape May to spending summers there, from corporate careers to stay at home moms. The one thing they all quite definitely have in common is a deep love and appreciation for life in our favorite shore town!

I don’t know about you, but I think these books would make awesome holiday gifts for the Cape May lover in your life. I love getting gifts that really speak to me and connect me with the things I am so very passionate about.

Once again, I hope I have inspired you to connect with Cape May on a different level. Please let me know if there is an author or book that I have missed.  I do my best to be comprehensive, but always appreciate extra help!

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