Jane Gober Cape May

Hi there! 

I’m Jane – a wife, mother of two amazing children (ages 21 and 25) residing in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. I am also incredibly passionate about Cape May and truly love to help others discover it too!

My husband and I fell in love with Cape May almost a quarter century ago.  Our initial visit was a long weekend celebrating our first wedding anniversary at Rhythm of the Sea, a lovely Bed and Breakfast on Beach Ave.  I was very pregnant with our first child and we had an absolutely magical weekend that changed our lives forever. 

Cape May quickly became our “happy place” and our family have visited virtually every year since.  Sometimes for a week, sometimes for a long weekend or even just an overnight quick trip.  We have stayed in hotels, motels (Beach Shack was a fav) or rented a condo at The Capers.

Eight years ago, we were blessed to be able to buy a second home in the Historic District on Windsor Avenue.  When my Mom passed, she left me a modest sum which we used as a portion of the down payment for the house.  I wanted something tangible that would be in remembrance of my parents, as well as have meaning to our children.  We even named it after our mothers Ann & Lee by the Sea. The home needs to pay for itself, so we decided to rent it for several weeks each summer. 

We love the idea of sharing our home with others who love Cape May as we do.  It has not been without its frustrations and challenges, but we never regretted it for a minute (well…maybe once or twice-more to come on that in future posts).  We have learned so much along the way and it has been a truly fulfilling experience.

First and foremost, however, this is our second home and we enjoy it as much as we can in the Spring and Fall – along with one activity packed week in the summer.  The memories we have created there with so many friends and family are priceless.  We cannot wait to get there and always hate to leave. 

I recently decided to pivot from the high-pressure corporate positions that I held for decades to something more creative.  Stepping away from my career at global IT companies has been stressful to say the least, but feels right.  The search for my next adventure was a long thoughtful process focusing on areas of my life that bring me joy and that I love.

I decided to start this exciting blog journey, because I have what can only be described as a deep passion for Cape May.  My family, friends and co-works can testify that my face lights up whenever I talk about it.  I can literally go on for hours and hours telling stories, giving restaurant or hotel recommendations or describing in vivid detail the beauty of a sunset while sitting on the beach at The Cove. 

So here I am! 

I sincerely hope that I am a source of information, inspiration and fun and that I do truly share my love of Cape May.