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You can also catch my Cape May videos on FerryVision, shown on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry and in the terminal. Don’t wait to ride the ferry to watch! You can find it right here and on Youtube.


    • Terry Harris

      Dear Jane,
      Good Afternoon
      Hello – my name is Terry Harris and I am the author of… Cape May, My Love… and..
      A Christmas Kiss in Cape May. My books about Cape May are offered on Amazon Kindle.
      Cape May, My Love is a collection of Love poetry about a man and a woman exploring Cape May as they fall in love. Cape May, My Love by Terry Harris is offered on Amazon Kindle for only .99 cents.
      A Christmas Kiss in Cape May is a wholesome Christmas romance set in Cape May. A Christmas Kiss in Cape May by Terry Harris is offered on Amazon Kindle for only $3.99. I thought you might be interested in learning about my truly unique books celebrating Cape May.
      I lived 5 minutes from Cape May for over 10 years. Hope all is well. Have a great day.
      Terry Harris
      MA, BA, BS in Education
      Villanova University

      • Jane Gober

        Terry- can you read minds??? I am literally writing a post on books written about or set in Cape May! I will be posting soon and will gladly include yours!

  • Tara Geisel

    Hi Jane! Thank you so much for giving our small business a shout out on your “Dog Friendly” blog! We do love our dog walks! We also offer doggie daycare and boarding for many summer visitors. I grew up in Cape May as well! Right on Cape May Avenue!

    I will be sharing your blog with my parents…Cape May locals. My grandfather used to own the Neptune Bar. If you haven’t heard of it, it was located near the Lobster House and they were famous for their upside down gogo dancers! lol

    Thank you again! Tara (Sherretta) Geisel

    • Jane Gober

      Of course, i was happy to do it! We (Lance) had such an awesome experience and you guys gave us such peace of mind. We went to the Virginia Hotel to celebrate our 25th anniversary and Lance was well cared for!

    • Terry Harris

      Dear Jane,
      Hello – Thanks so very much for mentioning my books … Cape May, My Love and A Christmas Kiss in Cape May. Thank you so very much..
      I am writing a sequel to… A Christmas Kiss in Cape May. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful Holiday experience.
      Terry Harris

  • Jane

    Hello Jane,
    i am so excited to subscrbe to your blog!
    As a little girl, my parents vacationed in Cape May. My husband and I continued the tradition with our daughter.
    And now my daughter, son in law and gradson want to continue. We have loved Cape May for years…….my dughter and son in law surprised me with a stay at Congress Hall for my 70th birthday!
    Now that my husband and I are retired, we are finally coming to Cape May for a few days in September.

    • Jane Gober

      Happy Birthday! What a thoughtful gift for your birthday! Congress Hall is an amazing place to stay any time of year. We stayed there over the Christmas Holidays a few years back and it was magical! I hope you have a wonderful and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

    • Terry Harris

      Dear Jane,
      Hello – hope all is well. I have written another book about Christmas….
      Christmas Is The Greatest Day! by Terry Harris is out on Kindle now.
      I am also involved with a website…


      Discover beautiful and timely prints, gifts and home products created from photographs and post impressionistic style paintings of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the New Jersey shore.
      There are rural, ocean,beach and kitty cat images turned into framed and unframed posters, notebooks, mugs and more.
      Have a great day and a wonderful week.
      Terry Harris
      MA, BA, BS in Education
      Villanova University

  • Mark Allen

    Jane, I am looking forward to possibly having you on my radio program/ Cape May’s only live & local radio station. In the meantime you might want to reach out to Miles Nelson who has written a plethora of murder mysteries set in CM, his latest being Murder is a Shore Thing.
    BTW my focus is on the “other side” of Cape May, eg the harbor and its environs.
    Mark Allen
    The Other Side
    Cape May Star & Wave / WCFA Radio

  • Miles Nelson

    Hi Jane – just exploring your blog that Mark Allen told me about not long ago. I will try to listen in when you’re on his show in September. I was just on his show myself, back on August 4th, talking about my latest Cape May murder mystery, “Death Rents a Beach House”. You mentioned to someone in your comments that you were working on something about books set in Cape May. Have I missed that? I have three of them. Have you dabbled in book reviews? Regardless, drop me a reply if you get a minute and I hope you are enjoying your summer!


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