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Cape May Holiday Gifts

I love giving Cape May holiday gifts! We have so many friends and family that are as obsessed with Cape May as I am. However, there are wonderful options from town that anyone would love. Some of the gifts I have given scream Cape May, while others are a hint of the sea—all have been a huge hit!


The first item that springs to mind for me is a Cape May Christmas ornament. There are several places around town that have a ornaments. The largest and most exciting is Winterwood Gift & Christmas Shoppe on the corner of Washington Street and Ocean Street. The building itself is spectacular, but the treasures inside are fabulous. You will honestly not be able to choose.  Three other great options are The Whales Tale, West End Garage and Sunset Beach Gift Shop. To really dive into this topic, read my blog post on Christmas Ornaments.

Apparel (all things Cape May)

Of course, another obvious choice is Cape May apparel! From sweatshirts to hats, it is always a welcome gift. There are so many options on both Washington Mall and Beach Avenue. Making Waves, Great White Shark and It’s a Breeze are just three of the stores right on the mall. A short walk to West End Garage (again) and you will find Cape Maniac, as super fun spin on Cape May apparel.

Apparel General

If you want to get a gift of clothing “from Cape May” that doesn’t scream it (you may find a few items on the racks), there are several shops that would be a great start. The Days a little farther down on Washington Street is definitely worth a peek, as are Willow & Stone, Victorious (the big hot pink house), Elaine’s and Red Oak Trading and many more.

cape may earrings


There are some amazing jewelry stores in Cape May. To get the full run down, check out my Jewelry in Cape May blog post. There are three other beachy options for jewelry that have strong ties to Cape May. HKM Jewelry– Hali is a friend of mine and she also sometimes teaches jewelry making at The Nature Center. Patti Moran, a Cape May resident, has Bayshore Design Studio. I wrote a complimentary post about her in 2022 and have a few of her sea inspired pieces. Also, from Cape May, Janet Payne Jewelry features sea glass artfully incorporated into stunning pieces that are like wearing a bit of the shore.

Fun Food

We have given so many gifts from Cape May Peanut Butter Company, as well as Wingnutz, Cape May Olive Oil and Cape May Spice Cellar. They are all owned by the same company, Cape Island Foods and do feel like giving a little piece of Cape May. Our son can’t get enough of the peanut butter. Cape May Honey Farm is another family favorite and can be found at their shop on Sunset Boulevard as well as The West End Garage. Candy from the beach seems to taste better to me, so saltwater taffy from Fralinger’s or The Original Fudge Kitchen in frequently on my gift list for many occasions. Cape May Dips and Sticks is a fabulous place to grab a Cape May treat. Located in Carpenter’s Lane and on Sunset Boulevard, they have yummy locally made salsas, fruit butters and much more! Speaking of yummy, Cape May Macarons are right next door in their mall location. It is an elegant addition to any holiday gift.

cape may winery in Cape May

Adult Beverages

This is another super fun Cape May gift category, which also includes apparel and tchotchkes. Cape May Brewing Company has so many different types of beer with very creative labels and names. There are also gift items such as t-shirts, coasters and more. Both of our kids got Cape May shirts for Christmas last year and they were a big hit. Nauti Spirits Distillery sells vodka, rum, gin and bourbon along with a few unique blends as well as of other gift item. Cape May Winery and Willow Creek Winery are two other places you can give someone a sip of Cape May.

A bit of this and that

There are several shops that sell Cape May or beach inspired home good. Across the Way, Quirk & Co in Washington Mall, and Seaglass Home in Washington Commons are just a few of our favorites. Once again, West End Garage has several too! If you are shopping for your pooch or kitty, Collar and Bone or Dog Days of Cape May located at the Mall and Commons respectively. Books make great gifts as well, and my previous post on Great Reads in Cape May will help you out there. Of course, I also have to mention Shop Local Cape May! This little boutique is in the City Centre Mall section and has so many gift items made by local craftsman. Restaurant or hotel gift cards can also be a great way to give for the holidays.

I hope I inspired you to consider Cape May holiday gifts!  Many of these shops also have online shopping. There is literally something for everyone—in every size from big ticket gifts to little stocking stuffers. My family and friends adore getting gifts from Cape May and I am sure yours will too! I know that I didn’t hit every great store, so please let me know your favorites and why in the comment section.

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