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Fun Food in Cape May – Savory

Fun Food in Cape May—I’m sure that means different things to different people. So let me begin by saying that this is my take on it (yours may be very different). Personally, one of the things I love about Cape May is the variety of food and restaurants. It really does run the gamut. We love to eat at fine dining places all over Cape May, but so many times when we think of that quintessential meal—it’s fun food! Breaking this out into categories was tough, so it’s a bit of a mind dump of savory offerings. I plan to follow up with a sweet one soon!  I covered bakeries and ice cream in prior posts so check them out to get the full picture.

Key West Tacos on Perry Street has been one of my family’s favorite spots for years. It’s the place the kids always take friends, and everyone raves. The taco combinations are as interesting as they are delicious. They also have burritos, bowls and more. Save some room for dessert—key lime pie or ice cream of course! There are a few tables inside and a few more on the patio. We love to grab them for dinner and take them over to Cove beach to watch the sunset.

Big Wave Burritos on Lafayette Street serves surfer’s cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a Mexican flair. This oh so popular spot has quite the sweet story behind it. A husband and wife who met and married in Cape May started Big Wave Burrito and Aloha Smoothie Company (I’ll cover that in a later post.) They traveled extensively but came back to Cape May to make it their home. Read all about it here. The approach to lunch and dinner here is to start by picking a style (burrito, taco etc.) and then fill it up the way you want. You’re the creator of your meal. There are some awesome breakfast options as well. There are a few tables inside as well as the patio area. You can also order online for take out.

Hot Dog Tommy’s on Jackson Street is a must-stop for so many folks visiting Cape May, as well as locals. Tommy wears a hot dog hat (yes a hot dog hat) while he cooks up some of the yummiest hot dogs you’ll ever eat. With so many varieties to choose from (or create your own combo), you should probably plan ahead. They have other items too like their stuff-in-a-bowl and select sandwiches. My daughter’s favorite non-dog item is the potato tornado! The line can be super long in the summer, but it’s worth the wait. This is just a pickup spot, no dine in option, but taking it back to the beach is always a good idea.

Cape May Grill Cheese in Washington Commons shopping area is new and popular. With so many interesting grilled cheese combinations, this is also a place that makes it tough to choose. From the Nashville Hot Chicken grilled cheese to Crab Cake grilled cheese—they cover it all. There are a few other things on the menu like burgers, fries, appetizers and of course it would not be complete without tomato soup! They have a few tables inside, but this is also a great take-out option.

Block Party in the Akroteria on Beach Avenue is also new as of this writing and getting rave reviews. They have already been written up in The Philly Inquirer and Exit Zero magazine for their fun and innovative food. Chefs Matt and Josh began working together at The Ebbitt Room almost a decade ago. The menu changes frequently as is always made with fresh local ingredient. They host dinners on Wednesday and Friday. Following them on Instagram or Facebook is really the best way to keep up to date on this popular spot.

Hidden Gem Poke Bowls is also located in the Akroteria on Beach Avenue and has created quite a buzz as well!  They use only fresh (never frozen) fish in their delicious creations.  Craig Laban of the Philly Inquirer also wrote about them giving high marks! Many people know them from the West Cape May Farmers Market. This is another place where following them on Instagram is key.

Shamone on Beach Avenue is part of the Kara Restaurant Group that owns George’s and other great spots in Cape May County. This is the only one that I am covering with actual true inside dining. For me what makes this fun is it is a tapas restaurant. I personally love the idea of tapas, because you can easily try to many unique, delicious bites. They offer a brunch and dinner menu each with its own flat rate. The breakfast is unlimited (you did read that right), and dinner features a 15 course small plate menu the changes daily. Many of the dinner items have a Greek flair, but overall, it is a quite eclectic offering. Both brunch and dinner are BYOB (yes there is bloody mary mix and orange juice for breakfast cocktails)!

Beef Jerky may not be your idea of fun food, but my family definitely thinks it is. I actually put it in their Christmas stockings! There are actually two beef jerky shops in Washington Mall: Beef Jerky Experience and House of Jerky!  Both shops go way beyond just beef with exotic offerings such as python, ostrich, kangaroo and more. There are also a selection of other snacks and such to choose from. We are a classic beef jerky family, but if you have an adventurous palate these stores will certainly give you options.

Once again, this is my take on savory fun food in Cape May. To be honest, any food that you eat on the beach is fun food in my opinion. I would love to hear your thought and favorites in the fun food category. We have so many friends and family who visit and say “we need to go to….” And more often than not, it’s one of the spots above. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Grana, Washington Inn, The Ebbitt Room etc. but this food really reminds me of Cape May.

One additional note: many of these spots are cash only due to their small size. It is best to come prepared so you are not disappointed.

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