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    9 Great Cape May Coffee Shops

    Finding great coffee in Cape May is (thankfully) so easy! Our family loves a great cup of java and although we can make it at home, there is just something about coffee shop coffee—am I right? Frankly, the hardest thing will be to choose which one(s) to visit. Just like in my earlier post 4 Awesome Cape May Bakeries, they each have their own personality. Let me give you a run down, so you can plan accordingly… Washington Mall Area Coffee Shops Magic Brain located at 31 Perry Street at the entrance of Carpenter Square Mall has been a coffee lovers favorite of visitors and locals alike for years. Talk…

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    Cape May’s seasonal beach tags — not just for locals

    Beach tags are required at all Cape May beaches from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend for everyone over the age of 11 years old.  Beach tags are provided free of charge to both active members of the US military and veterans — United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, as well as members of the United States Coast Guard and the New Jersey National Guard. Our family would completely ignore any thoughts of buying “season” beach tags before we bought our beach house.  Why would you want to spend that kind of money when you are not going to be at the beach for the entire…

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    The Coast Guard in Cape May

    So many people love Cape May as a vacation destination—and rightly so! I wrote about it in one of my earliest posts, What is Cape May known for?  However, there’s something else that is so much more significant—the Coast Guard in Cape May. If you’ve ever walked around Washington Mall, you’ve likely seen the recruits out and about. Many of the shops and restaurants treat them to special privileges which just makes me love Cape May even more. Two local spots that frequently support the “coasties” (as they are affectionately called) are Coffee Tyme and Primal restaurant. Once, years ago, my daughter, my husband and I were in the Ebbitt…

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    Breakfast in Cape May

    Breakfast in Cape May is a wonderful thing! There’s literally so many options that it can make your head spin. I covered bakeries and coffee shops in two prior posts, so I’ll stick to sit-down breakfast for this one. Where to begin??? I know a lot of people are somewhat passionate about breakfast, as am I. There are some really strong opinions about favorites, and it can be quite a debate. I’ll do my best to cover the breakfast scene (feel free to silently insert the word brunch if that resonated more with you) in Cape May. Warning—this will be a long post. Note each link takes you directly to…

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    e-Beach Wagons-the Ultimate Beach Cart

    I hesitated when I was first approached about writing a blog post about e-Beach Wagon in Cape May. As you may know, as part of my goal of giving back a little, I write complimentary posts for small businesses and new authors/artists. Just a few examples are: Bayshore Design Studio, Cape May Beach Reads (featuring author Laura Quinn) and  Tale of Two Oysters. Helping the local community is part of the reason I do this. All of these are things my family enjoys and appreciates. e-Beach Wagon is quite simply an electric motorized beach cart capable of traveling over uneven terrain and carrying over 300 lbs of gear. My hesitation…

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    The Amazing Craft Beers of Cape May

    Once again, I have asked my amazing husband to do a guest post on a topic that is near and dear to his heart…beer! It’s a topic that he knows in depth and thoroughly enjoys! This little tour of Cape May craft beers in and around Cape May is sure to make you want to grab a cold one! When I think of things that just go together, a few examples are obvious: peanut butter and jelly, Adam and Eve, fish and chips, beach and beer, and my favorite local Cape May oysters and beer! Almost nothing beats a cold beer on a hot Summer’s day. Luckily for me, there…

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    Fun Food in Cape May – Savory

    Fun Food in Cape May—I’m sure that means different things to different people. So let me begin by saying that this is my take on it (yours may be very different). Personally, one of the things I love about Cape May is the variety of food and restaurants. It really does run the gamut. We love to eat at fine dining places all over Cape May, but so many times when we think of that quintessential meal—it’s fun food! Breaking this out into categories was tough, so it’s a bit of a mind dump of savory offerings. I plan to follow up with a sweet one soon!  I covered bakeries…

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    Planning a Pub Crawl in Cape May

    One subject that I have been asked about many times is planning a pub crawl in Cape May. I personally think Cape May is an ideal location for a pub crawl for two very important reasons. 1. There are so many great bars in Cape May with very different vibes and character. 2. Cape May is incredibly walkable. That being said, planning is absolutely essential. My family likes to poke fun at me about my pre-crawl planning, but I believe is it key to a successful experience. My definition of a successful pub crawl is one where you don’t underestimate your ability to cover ground, have fun at each stop…

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    Cape May Birding – Equipment Suggestions

    Whether you are now to birding or just want to grab a few new things, here are some common and uncommon items to put on your list! This is a companion to my Birding in Cape May post. Binoculars and more… Cameras and accessories Books and Journals I hope this have been some helpful suggestions to get you started on an adventure in Cape May birding! There is also a store at the Cape May Bird Observatory for more fun stuff! As always, if you are not already subscribed, do it now so you don’t miss out on future posts. There is so much I want to share about Cape…

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    Birding in Cape May

    I must be honest; this is a post I have started and stopped a few times. Birding in Cape May is a HUGE deal! I touched upon it in my Fall is Fun in Cape May post. However, I found covering it in a meaningful way daunting. So, I called in reinforcements and asked my friend Claire (an avid Cape May birder) to lend me a hand. She has a level of knowledge and expertise that is required to hit all the right points. When to Visit Cape May is known as one of the ultimate destinations for birding in North America. National Geographic considers Cape May to be one…