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    Planning a Cape May Vacation

    Planning a Cape May vacation can be so much fun! I‘m a planner by nature—always have been. Apparently, I passed the genes on to my daughter because she’s a planner too!  I think things flow more smoothly and there is far less stress. I realize that not everyone is a planner—which is why I love to help others plan. If you need help, check out my Cape May Vacation Planner. Cape May is the type of place that almost demands a certain level of planning. Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, restaurants, events, and activities book up far in advance during the busy season. When to visit… Of course, the most popular…

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    30 Awesome Beach Essentials-Cape May

    A great beach vacation demands awesome beach essentials! From chairs to umbrellas to coolers – I’ve got you covered! Here are some fabulous ideas for your next Cape May beach trip. Have you seen my Cape May Beaches post? Check it out first so you have all the details before heading on the trip. Haven’t booked your trip yet? No worries – I’ve got you with my Book Your Cape May Trip Now link. Beach Chairs Comfort and durability are important. These top rated beach chairs offer both. Many come in a variety of colors and have great options like pillows, cup holders and more! Umbrellas Staying cool and covered…

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    Cape May Beaches

    This is probably a post that writes itself. The Beaches of Cape May have been getting accolades for years and it’s no wonder—they are truly spectacular! Everyone seems to have their favorite beach and can be quite passionate about it. We are partial to Grant Street beach, as it has been our go to beach for well over 20 years. Here is a bit of a run down of beaches from top to bottom in the city and beyond. Also check out my Beach Essentials post so you have everything you need before you go! Cape May City In the City of Cape May, there is only one home directly…

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    Running in Cape May

    Guest post courtesy of my husband, Gerard (I am so not a runner!) When I’m not mixing cocktails or eating oysters, I love to run. In addition to the health benefits, I find it to be very Zen, and what could be more Zen than running along Cape May’s beachfront? Or running through shaded streets admiring the beautiful Victorian homes, or behind the dunes in Cape May Meadows?! There is a course for all runners (or walkers). A few of my favorite beach runs The Promenade The Promenade is one of the most popular places to run or walk in Cape May. It is about one and a half miles…

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    Shopping in Cape May

    I honestly don’t know why it has taken me so long to write a post about shopping in Cape May. It was kind of a duh moment on my part. The topic is sprinkled into several of my earlier posts like Proposing in Cape May or What is Cape May Known For? However, I have not dedicated an entire post to it—so here goes. Where do I start? Frankly, I would bet that any trip to Cape May, no matter how short, likely has at least a little shopping in the mix! It could be a cute t-shirt as a gift or for yourself. Or it could be an entire…

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    A Girls Trip in Cape May

    I have some wonderful memories from my Girl’s Trips in Cape May. It is always a much-needed break from the day-to-day, where you can just relax and have fun. One of the great things about Cape May for a Girl’s trip are so many options of things to do and places to eat or grab some cocktails. A girl’s trip can have a theme or be just a mishmash of all sorts of activities. Below you will find some great suggestions on ways to fill up your time. Relaxing The beach is the ultimate in relaxation in my opinion. The sun on your face, sand on your toes and ocean…

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    Cape May is Dog Friendly

    Our dog Lance does not always join us on our visits to Cape May but when he does, he is in doggy heaven. Why? Because Cape May is dog friendly! First, it really is a super walkable town. He can’t get enough walking time when we are on the island. I would guess most dogs would feel the exact same way. There are so many other reasons for dogs to love Cape May. Where to stay More and more private home rentals are becoming pet friendly. See my post on beach house rentals at How to find an awesome beach rental for more details on how to find one.  Several…

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    Visit the Cape May Zoo

    There are so many fun activities for kids in Cape May (you can get more ideas in this earlier blog post). It’s no surprise that my kid’s favorite thing to do in Cape May was go to the beach. They literally jumped out of their skin with anticipation the minute we passed The Lobster House sign. My guess is that every parent has experienced that same “when can we go to the beach? When can we go to the beach? When can we go to the beach?” frenzy. Am I right? The second favorite thing my kids loved to do in Cape May—visit the Cape May Zoo. If you have…

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    Proposing in Cape May

    Cape May is one of the most romantic destinations in America (in my humble opinion). So many people think of Cape May as their “Happy Place”. So, it goes without saying that proposing in Cape May is a natural. There are so many great locations for a unique and memorable proposal. My mind is literally racing with possibilities. Beaches This is an obvious one—I know.  Everyone has a favorite beach in Cape May. It is either the one you always go to and has wonderful memories, maybe even from childhood. Putting that aside for now, Cove Beach at sunset would be absolutely spectacular. You have the lighthouse in the background…

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    Valentine’s Day in Cape May

    Valentine’s Day in Cape May can be incredibly romantic. Many of the local restaurants, wineries, and such offer special incentives for this heartfelt holiday. The weather can be a bit dicey, that is certainly true.  However, I say throw caution to the wind! A friend of mine literally proposed on the beach on Valentine’s Day. It is a Cape May day they will never forget (it goes without saying she said yes). Where to Stay Angel of the Sea may just be the quintessential Valentine’s destination. This lovely Bed and Breakfast boasts 27 gorgeous rooms, each with a private bath. You will also be food-pampered all day from the full…