Cape May Proposal

Proposing in Cape May

Cape May is one of the most romantic destinations in America (in my humble opinion). So many people think of Cape May as their “Happy Place”. So, it goes without saying that proposing in Cape May is a natural. There are so many great locations for a unique and memorable proposal. My mind is literally racing with possibilities.


This is an obvious one—I know.  Everyone has a favorite beach in Cape May. It is either the one you always go to and has wonderful memories, maybe even from childhood. Putting that aside for now, Cove Beach at sunset would be absolutely spectacular. You have the lighthouse in the background and the golden glow everywhere. Can’t you just picture it?

Sunset Beach is another beach with a lot of possibilities. Under the guise of hunting for famous Cape May Diamonds, you could slip a ring out of your pocket and sweep them off their feet.

A more rustic and quiet option is Higbee beach. Just a short drive from the city of Cape May, it also has breathtaking sunset, but you will likely have fewer crowds.

Fly an arial proposal banner over any beach in Cape May! Admittedly, this is a much pricier option than many I am listing here, but it will be undoubtedly memorable. If you are looking to draw attention to the occasion—this is the ticket!


There are so many ways you could go with this option. My husband actually proposed during dinner in New Hope, NJ on New Year’s Eve. He slipped the ring to the waiter and asked him to present it as my dessert, complete with a strawberry and whipped cream garnish. After I said yes (of course), I looked up to see the entire kitchen staff peeking out of the kitchen and clapping. It was extremely romantic.

Back to Cape May… You could go the super romantic route (like my husband). I am thinking Washington Inn, Peter Shields, Ebbitt Room, Primal—I could go on. You could also go a fun route and go Key West Tacos or around the fire pit at The Rusty Nail. Dockside at the Lobster House could also be an unexpected, but fun location.

Wineries and such

All four wineries—Cape May, Willow Creek, Turdo and Hawk Haven would be amazing locations for a proposal. Strolling amongst vineyards hand in hand and then when you pop the question you could pop open a bottle.

Nauti Spirits, with its lovely outdoor area perfect for walking and talking is a fun spot too. It could be quite secluded or more public where you might just draw a bit of an audience of well-wishers.

Other outdoor locations

Rotary Park (especially during the holidays) it a very special location. This one is great if you have friends and family that you want in on the moment, without it being obvious. When I shot my Christmas in Cape May video, we spied a couple getting engaged surrounded by the lights, decorations, and music. It was so lovely and brought a tear to my eye.

Beach Plum Farm in West Cape May would be such a pretty venue for a proposal. Most of the year, the gardens are lovely, as are the walking trails through the farm. This is one of the locations that guarantees that you will have fabulous photos of the event.

Take a private house drawn carriage ride through the streets of Cape May. You have options on the type of carriage and the length of the ride. The Cinderella carriage may be just the ticket (or a bit over the top).

Quintessential Cape May locations

The Lighthouse would be a memorable spot. A climb to the top with that spectacular view is a very Cape May proposal. The photos here would be great as well. You could take some in the lighthouse and then down on the beach too.

The Cape May/Lewes Ferry would have a very Cape May vibe as well. Be certain if you decide to do it while gazing over the water, that you keep a very tight hold on the ring! Dinner afterward as the Sunset Supper Club at Ferry Park would be an added bonus.

The Mermaid Love Lock garden beside the Hotel Macomber is also a uniquely Cape May choice. This (not widely known) garden is ideal for a proposal. Put a lock on the chain and a ring on a finger.

Washington Street Mall has seen a lot of proposals (I have seen many pictures posted on Facebook.) and it’s no surprise. Frequent visitors and locals alike have a special place in their heart for this special shopping venue. One of the more public options, you are sure to hear a cheer.


I just listed over 20 suggestions for a memorial and romantic proposal in Cape May. It’s a lot to think about—I know. Especially when you factor in photos and such. If your head is spinning, make it easy on yourself and get help! You only have one shot at this! Pop&Clink Concierge has a wonderful proposal planning service. Jeri Anne will guide you every step of the way and make certain it is perfection. I wrote about her services in a prior post Planning is Key to Epic Cape May Celebration.

If you don’t go the full concierge route, I suggest reaching out to one of Cape May’s highly talented professional photographers. I wrote an earlier post about take family vacation photos, but it includes a list of local photographers for you to review. They might even have some of their own ideas.

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I had so much fun creating this list of proposal spots. The romantic was going crazy with fun ideas and I am sure there are so many that I missed. Did you or someone you know get engaged in Cape May? What was the story? I would love to hear about it!!!

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