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Celebrity Sightings in Cape May!

OMG!  Is that Taylor Swift? I’m not kidding it could happen. Well, maybe not every day, but there have been may celebrity sightings in Cape May.  Last year was a very quiet year for celebrity sightings for obvious reasons. However, there were actually several in 2019 and prior years.

Taylor actually did visit Cape May a few years ago and dined at The Lobster House and Uncle Bill’s! There are even pictures to prove it. She grew up in Reading, PA and her family frequently vacationed at the Jersey Shore. She even included a Cape May County beach in her music video The Best Day. My daughter use to fantasize about running into her on the beach or the Promenade when she was in middle school. I chuckled when she would say it, but in the back of my mind was always a—what if????

Oprah in Cape May

Another quite notable visitor to Cape May was Oprah Winfrey. She even wrote about it in the July 2019 edition of O Magazine! She had breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and also dined at The Ebbitt Room. The Ebbitt Room ricotta donuts got a write up in the article! She was joined by Stedman and Gayle, her longtime companion and BFF respectively. Stedman is originally from the Whitesboro section of Middle Township, NJ. Oprah and Stedman also visited Cape May in 2013. During that visit, they stayed at Congress Hall and dined at The Blue Pig.

Anne Hathaway is another celebrity that has been known to frequent Cape May. Folks have spotted her with her family staying at Congress Hall and dining at The Pier House (the old one not sure about the new one). Her mother, Kate McCauley Hathaway, performed in Cape May a few years ago. She starred in “Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End” at Cape May Stage. It was even rumored (back in 2011) that Anne was going to have her wedding in Cape May, but to the best of my knowledge it didn’t end up happening.

Also seen around town, Tina Fey who grew up in Upper Darby and love to vacation in Cape May. Tina and her family rent a house and enjoy all the Cape May had to offer. She mentioned Cape May (not by name) on the Tonight Show a few years back. So, yes she does not actually say she was in Cape May, but take a listen and decide for yourself where she was. Apparently she love the ghost tours too. A friend of mine sat next to her (and Amy Poehler) at dinner one night, so I have my own (second hand) personal sighting! A quick Google Images search for Tina Fey Cape May give you Tina at The Peanut Butter Company, on the Tiny Train at the Cape May County Zoo, at mini golf and more!

There are other celebrities that have been reports around town. Some that I have heard of are Brooke Shields, Ron Howard, Linda Ronstadt, Calista Flockhart, Pamela Anderson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Prosky, several professional athletes and more. Folks have said they were at the same Bed & Breakfast, bar, restaurant, ice cream shop…

Are you also intrigued by celebrity sightings in Cape May? I long to run into someone famous myself. In my fantasy we lock eyes and I give a knowing nod of the head. As if to say, “Yes, I see you and I know who you are and will leave you to enjoy your Cape May experience”. Have you ever seen a celebrity in Cape May? If so, who and where? Let me live vicariously through you and give me the details!

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  • Diane Carson

    I once waited on Bebe Neuwirth ( Lilith from Frasier and so much more) while working in a gift shop. She noticed a Theatre program from the local theatre on the side of the counter. She adked me if she could see it, she said ” I know some theatre people” . She was lovely. I recognized her voice immediately! ❤️ I also waited on Tina Fey and her husband a few times. She wss very sweet.

    • Renee

      I’m sitting at the Southern Mansion in cape may as I write this and recall a few celebrities I’ve encountered here over the years. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, the singer from Butthole Surfers, Anne Hathaway, Oprah, and many more. Someone at my work swears Keanu Reeves was here last summer but I didn’t see him lol.

      • Jane Gober

        First I love the Southern Mansion!!! You certainly have encountered so many famous folks in Cape May! I had heard about Oprah and of course, Anne Hathaway, but this is the first time I have heard that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman visited. I can certainly see why Cape May attracts everyone. It is an amazing destination!
        Thanks so very much for sharing!!!

  • Bob Donnelly

    My wife and I almost literally ran into Robert Prosky at the Washington Street Mall. We were walking at the Mall, and as I looked up, Mr. Prosky was walking right toward us and gave us a very friendly greeting! It was actually pretty thrilling for us since we’d seen him in so many TV shows and movies. Later that week we saw him perform with his son in a play at the Lafayette Street Theater.

    • Jane Gober

      Thanks so very much for sharing your experience! I just found out he was born in Manayunk, PA. He was in so many great movies!

  • Meredith McFadden

    I’ve run into Tina Fey twice at the icecream shop on the main drag in Cape May. The most recent sighting was last week with her daughter. I also saw Rachel Bilson with her that day.

    • Jane Gober

      That so exciting! Thanks for sharing! Do you mean Fine Fellows or maybe Uncle Charlies? I have many friends who have seen her out and about, but I have not…yet.

  • Terry Harris

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  • James Cohen

    I grew up on Ocean St. in Cape May, and, small town that it was, everybody know when a celebrity was visiting.

    Sammy Davis, Jr., Kenny Rogers, Fred Gwynne, Grace Kelly (who was from Ocean City, and who my uncle dated in high school), and so many others. Joan Rivers loved Cape May.

    Several people have mentioned Bob Prosky. He lived in Cape May Point later in life. I managed the Beach Twin Theatre and he would come in to see movies now and again with his wife, Ida. Such a nice guy.

    It’s nice to know that today’s celebrities continue to enjoy Cape May as much as celebrities from my era did.

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