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I could go for some Ice Cream in Cape May!

Ice cream in Cape May—one of my absolute favorite things to do is go for ice cream. I am totally unapologetic about my love of all types of frozen treats. In our family, the kids are not the ones who were begging to go get ice cream—it was me… always me! If you love it too, this post has your name on it.

I can attest to the fact that there are so many wonderful and diverse forms of ice cream and other frozen delights in Cape May. You can find your traditional sweet creamy ice cream, light and refreshing water ice, authentic gelato, custard so billowy and lovely, all types of ice cream beverages and even super unique ice cream sandwiches! Some of these are in plain sight where all the action is and some are a little off the beaten path. I would recommend doing a pub crawl type adventure to sample them all, but there are way too many.

Peace Pie – 326 Carpenters Lane

Clearly the most unique offering in Cape May, Peace Pies are ice cream sandwiches with pie filling themed centers. Flavors like Jersey Devil, Peanut Butter Brownie, Blueberry Cobbler, Coconut Custard, make it super hard to decide. The flagship Peace Pie opened Memorial Day weekend of 2015. They now have 3 additional locations and ship by Next Day Air to the eastern third of the US. The funky little building is not hard to miss on Carpenters Lane, but be prepared to be patient as there is almost always a line.

Fine Fellows

Fine Fellows – 313 Beach Avenue

Serving Bassett’s ice cream and sorbets (America’s oldest ice cream-1861) with a smile in so many ways from cones to sundaes to frosty drinks. Fine Fellows also opened in 2015 and became a Cape May favorite overlooking the ocean. It has a soda fountain shop feel with a modern twist. They also offer a variety of non-dairy, gluten free and vegan option so no one is ever left out. Don’t forget to check out all the sprinkles and toppings! Check out their full menu on the Facebook page. If you are not already a fan, trust me you will be once to try it.

Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream Shop – 310 Washington Street

Located right on Washington Mall, Uncle Charley’s is the oldest one of the list established in 1976. They have a list of 48 homemade hand dipped ice cream flavors that is made daily in small batches. There is also soft ice cream, water ice and any number of tasty drinks. Get a cone, a bowl a sundae – you can’t go wrong. You will always see the benches outside of Uncle Charley’s filled with happy customers enjoying their yummy treats. One note-they are a cash only business.

Dellas 5&10 Soda Fountain – 501-503 Washington Street

You can find anything at Dellas. Ok, I am exaggerating, but it is a cool place to find all sorts of things from clothing, to sand toys, to cleaning supplies. All the way in the back in their Soda Fountain that serves breakfast, lunch and traditional ice cream. In addition to a variety of ice cream in cone or cup, sundaes etc, they have root beer floats, ice cream soda and old fashioned egg creams. Check out the full menu on their website. Dellas is definitely a step back in time.

Kor Brothers – 512 Washington Street

Frozen Custard (soft serve) is such a “down the shore” treat and no one does it like Kor Brothers. It all started in 1919 in York, PA and is now in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Still made from the original recipe, it has less fat and sugar than most traditional ice cream, because it is made with milk. Creamy and frosty their flavors go way beyond the typical vanilla and chocolate often found elsewhere. I especially love to go in the fall when they have pumpkin and cinnamon twist! The quintessential chocolate dipped cone is also a fave!

Cione Gelato – 315 Ocean Street (Washington Commons by the Acme)

The Tripadvisor reviews consistently say the same thing “just like in Italy” and I would agree. The owner is from Italy and uses recipes he brought with him and gelato machines from Italy. Handemade fresh every day, it is luscious, creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness. If you have never had authentic gelato, this is your chance. Everyone seems to have a different favorite flavor: lemon, peanut butter/chocolate, gianduia, pistachio—and even dairy free options. Please bring cash as they do not accept credit cards.


Scoops-102 Sunset Boulevard

A little off the beaten path in West Cape May, but well worth the trip. Scoops sells Richman’s brand ice cream and sorbets another one with a long history—circa 1894. The sundaes are really something to see (and taste) as the combinations are as inventive as they are delicious.  They even had something for your pooch-a Paws treat made with yogurt, peanut butter and banana. I mentioned Scoops in my earlier post about the Lighthouse and Sunset beach – great place to stop on your way too or from.

Dry Dock-1440 Texas Avenue

Located closer to the marina, Dry Dock Restaurant has been in business since 2000. It is a well-known and loved ice cream spot that is also a popular restaurant. You can stop in and order there or (I love this) order on-line  to pick up and get ice cream (soft and hard), sherbert, frozen yogurt with too many toppings to mention, sundaes, milkshakes, flurries, gelati (water ice and soft ice cream) and much, much more… If you are not typically in the marina area, it is a great place to stop on your way out of town!!!

Rita’s Water Ice-707 Beach Avenue

I saved Rita’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard to include toward the end. Although it is yummy, it is a HUGE chain in almost 30 states. Don’t get me wrong I love Rita’s (Swedish fish gelati is my go-to.), but when in Cape May I will hit up a smaller more local shop every time. I like having an experience I can’t get around every corner.

Ben & Jerry’s-414 Washington Street

Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream is last on the list for the same reason as Rita’s above. It is great ice cream, but I can get it in the grocery store. I do have a bit of a soft spot for this shop from many years ago. My son Ian and I stopped in shortly after they came to town. He was pretty young and, on the way home he dropped his ice cream. We turned around to get him a new one and the guy behind the counter said. “Bummer little dude, this one’s on us.” He made a sad little man very happy.

So, if you are an ice cream lover like me, this post probably made you very happy! If you are brave enough to attempt a pub crawl style adventure, here is a handy map to guide you (click on map to take you to Google Map).  Good luck and enjoy!

Let me know your favorite frozen treat joint in Cape May via comment or email. I love hearing from everyone!

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