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A Cape May Family Beach Photo—capture memories…

This is not my family… Why didn’t you use a family photo you ask? I never got around to scheduling a Cape May family beach photo. (As you may have seen in my About page – my kids are 23 and 19.) It was always something I dreamed of doing. I would see friends and family portraits in their home, Christmas cards, even Facebook and think—wow what a great photo— we should really do that next year.

However, when the kids were really young, they were kind of squirmy, restless, unpredictable. Did I really want to book a photo shoot only to have pictures of cranky kids and frustrated parents? 

As they got older it would have been much easier, but then there was the planning, prep and coordination. Typically, everyone wears the same color or tones of the same color so now there is shopping involved. True to my nature, I did research – do we wear white? White and blue is an option…Or we could go edgy and do black and khaki…pastels could be fun… If only I knew about this awesome guide from Megan Tammaro on What to Wear.

What about the location? Windsor beach (our beach)? Or the Cove? Maybe near the lighthouse (the kids love the lighthouse). Classic analysis paralysis would set in and another year would go by… 

All of this to say, don’t be me! If you have always wanted a beach family portrait and you are visiting Cape May, make this year the year! I realize that is might not be feasible this year with the crazy year we have had, but if you want to do it plan for next year. Make it happen…

Surprisingly (to me at least) there are actually quite a few professional photographers right in Cape May that offer family beach portrait services, among others such as proposals, weddings, maternity, newborn, pets pics and more.

Here are 12 great options when choosing a Cape May based photographer for your amazing, memorable beach family portrait. They all have website and the links are below. Most of the websites are extremely detailed about their services and rates. You can see several examples of prior work.  Many of them also have Facebook pages and Instagrams so be sure to look for the little icons on their websites. 

Full disclosure, as mentioned above, I cannot personally recommend any of the photographers. However, I did extensive research using Facebook Groups, Yelp and the review sections of their own Facebook pages. Some have won awards, been in publications and have glowing testimonials. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the About sections of their sites. What an incredibly diverse and fascinating group of truly talented professionals!

I am going to say it once again, because I just feel the need to…  Don’t put off that family Cape May vacation photo shoot like I did. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that life is too damn short and can turn upside down on a dime. If I can get the kids both at the beach at the same time, I may actually book one myself. Better late than never…

My focus was only those photographers that were based in Cape May. As always, please let me know if I missed anyone!


  • Julie

    We’ve been coming to Cape May every year since 1999. My boys are now 20 and 26. I booked a photographer for family beach photos. Before life takes us our separate ways, we wanted to capture our family one more time in our favorite place!

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