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4 Awesome Cape May Bakeries

Vacations are a time for a little indulgence for our family. I suspect that might be the same for others as well. We don’t go crazy, but we do use it as an excuse to have pastry for breakfast or enjoy some decadent desserts. I love to bake and often will bring a coffeecake, cookies, brownies or cake with us on vacation. However, there is something to be said for variety. Standing in front of a bakery case, smelling all of that fresh baked goodness and saying, “I’ll have one of those, and one of those, maybe two of those and so on.” My vacation dreams at the beach always include a little of this type of luxury. There are four awesome Cape May bakeries that we enjoy.

Cape May Pastries

Chez Michel Bakery

600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May – plenty of parking

One of our favorites because we live so close. It is an easy walk for us when we are out and about with our dog, Lance. You can seriously not go wrong with anything you purchase from this bakery. Michel Gras the owner is a classically trained pastry chef with over 35 years of experience.  The aroma that wafts through the shop is indescribably blissful. The memories of our vacation in Paris come rushing back. We have purchased many kinds of breads, croissants, cookies, decadent individual desserts. The bakery is also well known for creating masterpiece wedding cakes.

Beach Plum Farm Bakery and Café

484 West Perry Street, Cape May – street parking or at the CVS across the street

This lovely bakery & café is located adjacent to the wonderful and oh so fun West End Garage. Fortunately, this is also a very short walk and has been another go-to for breakfast treats that are out of this world good. All the items on the menu are made with ingredients from Beach Plum Farm (another fabulous venue) such as eggs, herbs, veggies, fruit and meats.  The mini frittatas are our “healthier” choice, and they are incredibly good. However, if I am going to be completely honest here, the scones and the muffins are what make me cry with joy a little. They are that amazing! There are various other yummy pastries, prepackaged treats, drinks and La Colombe coffee.  

Madison’s Bakery

701 Beach Avenue, Cape May—street parking (and 505 Carpenter’s Lane)

It is a farther walk for us, but I never mind walking down the promenade along the beach. I especially don’t mind the walk if I am going for their heavenly sticky buns or cinnamon buns!  The reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp frequently mention their buns. They also have a great selection of scones, bagels, donuts, danish — you name it. This is also the place to go to on the island for personalized birthday (or any celebration) cakes. They also offer La Colombe coffee. If you really fall in love, you can even buy a “Best Buns on the Beach” t-shirt!

A Ca Mia Bakery

524 Washington St., Cape May—parking lot by Acme

Always a pleasant walk down Washington Mall, A Ca Mia is part of the well-known A Ca Mia Ristorante.  It is one of the oldest bakeries in continuous operation in the country. There is definitely more of an Italian vibe in the selection, but I am not complaining. Italian pastry and dessert? Yes, please! When the kids were little, we would go there frequently for pig cookies with pink icing. Today we go for more sophisticated desserts like tiramisu, chocolate mascarpone and strawberry cake, cheesecake, profiterole cups and so on. They also have many fabulous traditional breakfast goodies and individual desserts.  A great coffee selection rounds out their offerings.

Here is a easy map so you can find the all!

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Honestly, there is no way I could possibly pick a favorite. We love them all for different reasons. My suggestion is to do your own taste test and try each one of these awesome Cape May bakeries when you are in town. You won’t be sorry. Let me know if you can pick a favorite!

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