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How to save money all over Cape May…Interested?

Have you heard about the Exit Zero discount deck? Exit Zero is not just the last stop on the Garden State Parkway before you get to Cape May.  It is also one of the island’s great finds!  Exit Zero — the business has many facets.

Exit Zero – the publications

An iconic weekly publication they call “Cape May’s Peppy Periodical”; you will find them in virtually every shop in and around Cape May.  They are free and chock-full of articles, events listings, ads and more.  The homes for sale are always what I look at first.  It’s great to see the photos of folks having fun and enjoying everything the area has to offer. You can also check out an online version too. Additionally, a full color publication is available (typically four times a year) for less than $10 — also available online.  It includes a calendar of events with virtually anything you want to know about happenings in Cape May. It also contains a fabulous guide “The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart” in addition to the typical ads and interesting articles.  This chart gives you a ton of extremely helpful information all on one place:

  • Name, location, phone number and website
  • What you should know about the food and the vibe
  • Meals served (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Bar or BYOB
  • Should I book? (reservations can be essential during the summer months)
  • Food for kids?
  • Other details (parking, dog friendly etc.)

Lastly, there is their annual essential guidebook available Cool Cape May to view online or purchase. But for $25 why not purchase?  It makes a great yearly keepsake to stir fond memories of your times of the shore. There are no ads per se.  However, there are stunning photos, fascinating articles and much more in-depth information about most events, restaurants, shops, activities and general fun in the Cape May area.

Exit Zero Filling Station

An awesome funky restaurant with a great bar, fun gift shop and (crazy as it sounds) a filling station.  The restaurant is open 3-9 with Brunch being served Saturday and Sunday 10-2. Their cocktails are seriously outstanding, as is the food.  Honestly, I crave their Huevos Rancheros with – wait for it – Tater Tots on a regular basis.  Soooo good!

All of these are so worth the trip to their location Sunset Boulevard.  However, what I really want to let you know about is their Annual Discount Deck!

The Famous Exit Zero Discount Deck

The Exit Zero discount deck has been around for years and we always get at least one set.  Some years we get extra to leave out for the guests that rent our house. The deck is the size of a small deck of cards — each one a discount for a different Cape May establishment.  They call it a VACATION IN A BOX and we agree!  We have found it a great way to help us discover shops, restaurants and adventures that we had not previously enjoyed.  It is also a bonus for places that are our perennial favorites and we know we will be going there anyway.

The price of the deck is only $20, but there are 50 cards in the deck.  The saving adds up fast when you start flipping through them and seeing the $5 and $10 off discounts.  Most cards do require a minimum purchase, but it is very reasonable.  You can easily save over $400! Our biggest challenge was trying to remember to use them when it came time to pay, but candidly that is more of a personal issue on our part.

The cards have categories like Food and Drink, Shopping, Health and Beauty and Activities.  Some of our absolute favorite spots are in the deck annually – such as The Washington Inn,  Cape May Peanut Butter, Collier’s Liquors, Sea Spa at Congress Hall, The Ugly Mug, just to name a few.  It does not disappoint!  You might want to buy more than one!

You can order your deck online at Exit Zero, along with clothing, housewares and publications.  Or just pop into the shop while you are in town at 110 Sunset Boulevard, Cape May.

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